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"Changing Perceptions"

27th & 28th October 2023
Lanterns Studio Theatre, London


Part i

Ballade No. 4 in F Minor, Chopin

Performed by Viktor Erik Emanuel


Depth of Healing

Performed by Musa Motha

Choreographed & Performed by Musa Motha

Composed by Morena Sefatsa/ Brownlee Dlulane

Of Silence

Performed by Winnie Dias & James Stephens

Choreographer Andrew McNicol

Composer Pēteris Vasks

Excerpt from Meta 4 

Performed by Luke Ahmet, Pierre Tappon, Abigail Attard Montalto, Jenny Hayes

Choreographer Bella Lewitzky

Composer Robert Xavier Rodriguez

Costume Bella Lewitzky

Excerpts from Elite Syncopations

“Stoptime Rag” & “Bethena Rag Waltz”

Performed by Constance Devernay-Laurence & Ryoichi Hirano

Choreographer Kenneth Macmillan

Composer Scott Joplin

Costume Ian Spurling

With thanks to the Macmillan Trust, and The Royal Ballet Company



Part ii


L'isle joyeuse, L. 106, Debussy

Performed by Viktor Erik Emanuel


Heisei 9

Performed by Constance Devernay-Laurence

Choreographer Jordan James Bridge

Pianist Viktor Erik Emanuel

Composer Nobuo Uematsu


UTOPIA (The Way Is Inside)

Choreographed & Performed by Yasser D’Oquendo

Music by Glenn Morrison / Martin Bloch / Joel Del Monte


In The Absence

Choreographed & Performed by Pett | Clausen-Knight

Composers Greg Haines

Design Pett | Clausen-Knight


Metamorphosis 1



Performed by Sangeun Lee & Gareth Haw

Choreographer David Dawson

Composer Phillip Glass

Costume Eddie Grundy & David Dawson

Lighting by Bert Dalhuijsen

With Thanks To English National Ballet


Jamiel Devernay-Laurence

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