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"Not only did Laurence and his team put together an excellent mix of classical music and dance (both classical and contemporary) in a remarkably modern format but he also introduced a new London venue with the massive stage of the Lantern Studio Theatre in London Docklands..." Graham Watts, Ballet Magazine

eMail: Location: Lanterns Studio Theatre, London, E14 9XP



The #FundFreelanceDance #FreeClass Series

With lockdown restrictions still in place nationally, and Freelance Dancers finding safe studio access near impossible, the #FundFreelanceDance initiative has responded directly by shifting its fundraising efforts towards raising smaller amounts to cover the costs of a model where a paid freelance teacher provides class to an unlimited number of participants from home via ZOOM.


Every £75 raised will cover a single teaching post for a free professional class provided as a service to any and all dancers wishing to take part.


The #FreeClass series has already serviced over 1163 participants and counting, and created 37 paid teaching positions across 54 Classes.


Class is an essential part of any dancer's 'movement diet' and we cannot underestimate the positive impact an idea like this can have on the wider dance conversation during this challenging period.


Help these dance artists in returning to full fitness so they can be ready to be dancing again on a stage near you.


Thank you for supporting #FundFreelanceDance.

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